24 Channel Opto-22 Solid State Relay Module

MSRP Starting Price: R 4,798.00

Product Datasheet
  • 3x8 (AC or DC) OPTO-22 Solid State Relay Channels (Connected to Port A; B & C of the Host DAQ PC Card’s PIO chip).
  • For use with PC-192/A (IDC-50M); PC-36A/B/C & PCI-36C (DB-37F) using 1:1 cables, as well as other DAQ PC-Cards (DB-25F) using a custom made cable.
  • “DB-37F & DB-25F Connector’s Cable Screen / DGND” linking jumper.
  • Internal / External (+5V) power input is jumper selectable (300mA resettable fuse for PSU protection).
  • External Trigger Connector for PC-36C & PCI-36C DAQ PC Cards
  • High quality screw terminals for easy field wiring.
  • There are six 3.2mm diameter holes for mounting or a DIN-RAIL Mounting Base may be fitted (recommended for quick hassle free installations).
  • Dimensions: 107.5(W) x 318.5(L) x 28(H) mm
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